Massage Therapy for stennosis
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When Should I See a Massage Therapist?

Massages are often put into a category of vacation luxuries or rare splurges. While it is fun to book a massage while you’re on a relaxing getaway, the benefits of regular massage could help you more than you realize.

As a chiropractor, I’ve seen that massage therapy can help my patients in many ways and not just with stress-relief! I believe massage therapy is such a powerful healing tool that I even offer it in-house at Oakland Spine.

Let’s look at some of the lesser known benefits of massage therapy.

Pain Management. Massage therapy can help to ease pain caused by tight muscles or injuries. Think about your initial reaction when you bump into something you usually rub the spot that’s in pain. In addition, a trained massage therapist can pinpoint the area that is causing your discomfort and work to reduce inflammation.

Improved Range of Motion. When you think of massage therapy, you often think of working into muscles, but a massage also gets into the ligaments and tissues that connect our muscles to our bones. Because of this, regular massage can help to improve your joint mobility and overall flexibility over time.

Expedited Healing. Another benefit of massage therapy is faster recovery from injuries. Massage can help to break up scar tissue associated with injuries and increase blood flow to promote healing. This improvement in circulation also aids in lymphatic drainage. Your lymphatic system removes waste from your cells, so that means massage helps you to heal on a cellular level!

Headache Relief. The pain from a bad headache or migraine can be unbearable. While a client is experiencing a headache, massage therapists can help ease the pain by focusing on the muscles in the shoulders, neck, and head. For those who often suffer from headaches, regular massages can help lessen the chance of future episodes by keeping tension under control.

Improved Sleep. Getting enough quality sleep is extremely important to your health. If you suffer from insomnia or don’t sleep well on a regular basis, your mind and body both suffer. Getting regular massages has been proven to provide relief for those who have trouble sleeping. Massage allows your muscles to relax, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

Psychological Benefits. While there are many physical benefits to massage, there are also some psychological conditions it can help treat. Massage helps to improve your mood, and this has been shown to help those with depression and anxiety.

So, to answer the question posed in the title of this article, you should see a massage therapist (as well as a chiropractor) any time you’re experiencing any of the conditions discussed above. I also recommend making massage a regular part of your wellness routine.