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Physical Therapy, Massages, and Chiropractic Care: What Helps and Why

Let’s say you play the flute. You’re an excellent flutist who entertains your family playing solo on music they love. The flute, by nearly anyone’s description, makes beautiful music in the right hands. But few flutists play alone. You team up with others who play different instruments that play different roles in a quartet or ensemble or symphony orchestra.

No one questions the value of the tuba, the oboe, and the French horn. There is no debate about which is superior, the percussion section, the woodwind section or the brass section. Each has its charms and works better in conjunction with the others. It’s the same with health services.

I’m a chiropractor and so I take care of people’s backs. Any good chiropractor understands that their expertise is not the only expertise that can help people return to wellness. In fact, by the time most patients see a doctor for their back, they have a combination of factors causing their pain. It’s likely that a combination of therapies is the best approach to their care.

Chiropractic is the best way to solve the joint problems associated with almost all back and neck problems. A spinal adjustment is the safest and most effective way to mobilize the joints. With chiropractic care, flexibility and range of motion of the affected segments is increased. Posture is improved, disc circulation improves, and nerves can function better.

There are other forms of therapy, like acupuncture, that address other parts of the problem. Let’s look at two of them: physical therapy and massage.


Physical Therapy

While chiropractic addresses the joints, nobody does a better job of handling the muscle component of back pain than physical therapists. Their extensive academic and clinical training in rehabilitation make them the perfect complement to chiropractic care.

Physical therapy helps increase range of motion, strengthens the spine against injury, improves posture and gait—the list goes on and on. Some people think about physical therapy only as it pertains to post-injury or post-surgical recovery, but it is also critical to longevity. This is why we provide physical therapy services in our office.


Massage Therapy

Many people have the misconception about massage that it’s a wonderful experience with nominal therapeutic properties. In fact, massage therapy breaks up scar tissue, quiets inflammation and spasms, and increases blood flow to affected areas, speeding the healing process.

Massage therapy is another service we provide as a supplement to chiropractic care. Most of our patients say massage offers temporary relief from pain. Combined with the longer-term benefits of chiropractic and physical therapy, along with massage’s lesser-appreciate therapeutic value, it helps our patients recover faster and return to the activities they enjoy.

When patients come to us, we want to have the full complement of tools necessary for their care in our tool belt. Including physical therapy and massage allows us to treat the full spectrum of issues in one office.