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My Fixer-Upper Life: A Personal & Professional Story

When I speak about the wonders of chiropractic care, I speak not so much as a chiropractor who has helped thousands of people overcome chronic pain and misery. I speak as a middle school boy with a sprained ankle and a host of other ailments, like serial bronchitis and allergies.


Via a circuitous route, I ended up at a chiropractor for the sprained ankle. Neither my mother nor I understood how a doctor of backs could help heal a foot, but my sports medicine doctor wasn’t available, so we gave it a try.


That encounter changed my life.


The chiropractor examined my spine and announced that I was prone to more ankle sprains because it was out of alignment. When one structure in the body isn’t working correctly, every other structure has to compensate in ways that are not conducive to optimal function.


The chiropractor also suggested that I suffered from chronic health issues. He was right, of course. The allergies and bronchitis that doctors had medicated with antibiotics and over-the-counter allergy medicines nonetheless returned repeatedly.


He explained that the problem wasn’t allergies or bronchitis. The problem was an immune system weakened by a misaligned spine. The nerves exiting my spine and controlling the functions of my organs were being impinged by the misaligned bones in my back.


Most people don’t recognize two things about their bodies:

  1. The source of chronic pain is rarely the site of the pain.
  2. The definition of health is when all the systems work properly. If something is chronically wrong that’s a symptom of system failure,


After a few months of chiropractic treatment to restore my spine to proper alignment, I stopped taking the pills and felt better than ever. My allergies were gone and my ankle was healed. I never suffered from bronchitis again.


And I had a career path.


Since that first visit to the “bone doctor” my whole life has been devoted to becoming a chiropractor and educating people about the ability to heal nervous system function through chiropractic care. The spine, as the starting point for most of the nerves that pass through your body, is a critical element of nervous system health. And because the nervous system affects every part of our bodies, proper spinal alignment is necessary for good health, period.


Our health care system is reactive and quick-fix oriented. The whole system is hooked on drugs because it prefers bad quick fixes over prevention. It is failing most Americans. Even many of the most miraculous cures we have developed would be unnecessary if we did a better job of maintaining good health in the first place.


Chiropractic is proactive and focused on long-term health. It worked for me and it works for most of my patients.


And that one chance encounter placed me on a path to show the world this.