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Is Chiropractic Care Affordable?

A common complaint about chiropractic care is that it is expensive. I’ll tell you right now that’s a myth. One session with a chiropractor costs the same or less than an appointment with any other medical professional. And, many chiropractors will work with your insurance to make care even more affordable.

Maybe chiropractic is considered pricey because it isn’t always thought of as a necessity. Or, perhaps it’s thought of as expensive because its many benefits aren’t widely understood. In this article, I’m going to look at the affordability of chiropractic from the perspective of its benefits. By looking at the value of chiropractic care, you can more accurately assess its affordability.

A Common Issue. It’s estimated that about half of all Americans have experienced back pain in the last year, and over 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Those are alarming statistics, and with sedentary lifestyles becoming more and more common, it’s likely those numbers will rise.

The Real Cost. When thinking about back pain as a generalized condition, it’s easy to forget about the areas of your life that it affects. Whether it’s enduring pain while at work or not being able to do the things you love anymore, chronic back pain costs you a lot when it comes to quality of life. I see patients all the time who would do anything to “get their life back” after coping with chronic back pain for years.

If you see a chiropractor regularly, your spine will stay healthier, helping to prevent debilitating pain in the future. Taking a preventative approach to care is less expensive than the alternative. By spending a small about on prevention, you can avoid drastic (and expensive) measures in the future.

Assessing the Alternative. Often when patients have been living with back pain for a while, they turn to surgery as a potential form of relief. Research shows that there are more than 650,000 spinal surgeries performed per year at a cost of over $20 billion. Surgery can cost you ten of thousands of dollars, even with great insurance, and research shows that as many as 90 percent of these procedures are ineffective or unnecessary.

Let’s say it would cost you $30,000 to have surgery done on your back, and a typical visit to the chiropractor is $100. The cost of one surgery would cover a trip to the chiropractor once a month for 25 years. Regular chiropractic care will keep your spine healthy, eliminating the need for surgery in the future.

Just remember, prevention is always cheaper and more effective than reactive medicine. If you’re ready to see what chiropractic can do for you, reach out to Oakland Spine today!