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Common Mistakes People Make When Treating Back Pain

It is understandable why most people make mistakes when it comes to back pain. Almost all the information that is out there is misleading, designed to promote the hospital-pharmaceutical-government triad that controls our health care system, rather than promoting your welfare.


Under this system, you go to your primary care physician with back pain. They are not an expert in backs, so they treat your symptom, which is pain, the only way they know how – with drugs. If the drugs don’t work, they prescribe stronger drugs.


If that doesn’t work, they will send you to a surgeon. Surprise: surgeons recommend surgery, even though studies show back surgery, for all the pain it causes, the time spent in rehab, and the cost, is unsuccessful most of the time.


Going to a primary care physician is the first mistake many people make when they have back pain. You don’t go to your primary care physician for a toothache. You go to a dentist, because a dentist specializes in teeth. Likewise, for back pain, go to a chiropractor.


Here are more common mistakes people make when treating chronic back pain:


Trying to Fix it Yourself

Unless you are an expert in the spine and its related structures, you are not equipped to treat chronic back pain. Just as you would probably bring your car to a service station if it wasn’t running right, you should bring your back to a back expert. The stretching exercise you saw on YouTube, or the pain medications you’ve been taking, are not long-term solutions to your problem.


Treating the Symptoms, Not the Cause

When you go to a primary care physician complaining of pain, they will attempt to alleviate the pain. But pain is a symptom, not a cause of problems. A chiropractor will find the cause of your problem and treat that, relieving the symptoms permanently rather than masking them until the drugs wear off.


Waiting Too Long

I often see people who have tried everything over the years to address their chronic back pain until they finally came to a chiropractor as a last resort. The problem is that back issues degenerate over time, leading to a point of no return. We have examined patients whose backs were in such poor shape that there was little we could do for them. Had they come to us 10 years earlier, we could have returned them to 100% wellness.


Opting for Surgery

If all else fails under the current medical model, spinal fusion surgery may be recommended. Why spinal fusion surgery and not acupuncture, massage, physical therapy and chiropractic care, all of which are non-invasive (or minimally invasive in the case of acupuncture) and have better track records? Because insurance companies will reimburse back surgeons $100,000 for the procedure.


The system that recommends surgery was not designed for your best interest. What the surgeon may not tell you is that spinal fusion surgery is estimated to work 25-50 percent of the time.


The best thing to do for back pain, particularly chronic pain that limits your mobility, is make an appointment with a licensed doctor of chiropractic, an expert on backs. Because your chiropractor is not beholden to our misguided health care system, they can focus on your wellness, and nothing else.