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Bringing Deep Relief from Herniated Discs

So many Americans suffer from back pain, particularly lower back pain, that just about everyone who reads this has either dealt with it or knows somebody who has. The spine has become symbolic of strength, tolerance and standing up for one’s self. It’s called having some backbone, and a lack if it signifies of weakness, even cowardliness.

The fact is the human spine, a.k.a. the backbone is not only strong and flexible when one considers what we put it through, but it has been assigned a tremendous responsibility as one of the body’s great protectors. It does such a good job it is generally taken for granted— until something goes wrong due to stress, illness or injury. It may be a tremendous sharp pain. Maybe it comes and goes. Maybe it lingers on and on until the only relief is a strong painkiller or a trip to a surgeon. It may be a constant ache or irritation, reminding you that something is wrong back there. You live with it and function day to day, hoping it will go away.

Sadly, that hardly ever happens. It almost always gets worse. You might think surgery —perhaps a regimen of painkillers, possibly addictive opioids— are the only options to relieving that pain.

Back problems abound in the United States for both men and women. That proverbial “bad back” could very well be a herniated disc. It may be called a slipped disc, a ruptured disc or a bulging disc, and it is really not the disc itself but was pushed from beneath or between the protective covering of a series of discs that run the full length of your torso from the base of your skill down into the small of your back.

You’re not alone. It is a common condition, with some 3 million new cases reported each year while existing sufferers strive to carry on. So you can see that, if you have been diagnosed with a herniated disk, you’ve got plenty of company. Even though a disc may become herniated anywhere in the spine, the lower back and neck regions are the most common locations.

Relief without Surgery for Many

What if you were told by someone you trust, of course, that there is a noninvasive treatment that works for a herniated disc?

It is administered just a few minutes at a time in just a handful of sessions depending on how serious the condition has become. It may have taken a lifetime of ongoing stress. It may have emanated from an injury years ago that has continued to worsen with each passing year. Bringing relief so soon after years of suffering is the next thing to a miracle.

What if you were told that chiropractic medicine boasts a treatment that brings relief to an astounding nine out of 10 people who might have otherwise opted for surgery?

It is known as spinal decompression, and it literally reverses the cause of the symptoms, which is the compression of the spine at a particular location. The soft nucleus on the inside of each disc creeps out through a break or tear. The original purpose of this soft material was as a cushion to prevent the vertebrae from painfully rubbing together. The preventer of pain becomes the cause.

The decompression treatment is often used in coordination with a state-of-the–art Deep Tissue (Class IV) Laser treatment, and the combination of the two gets right to the source of the pain.


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