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A Quick Fix Doesn’t Fix Anything

What if everything you thought you knew about treating your back pain was wrong? What if your doctor and “the system” you thought you could trust to get you the right information wasn’t doing so—would you even want to know? Is it even possible for you to get the answers you need?

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With billions of dollars being spent every year on marketing of solutions for back pain, and even more being spent on treatments, surely you should be feeling better by now.

The problem is, conventional methods of medicine, which are primarily geared to make pain go away, won’t make the actual PROBLEM go away. Here’s the typical cycle:

Back Pain
A person has back pain.
They try to wait or they use over-the-counter medications, hoping the pain will go away, but neither help.
The primary care doctor then prescribes stronger, prescription drugs, but these don’t help either.
Over time, the primary care doctor refers the patient out to a pain management doctor or a neurologist who does spinal injections or epidurals.
These don’t help either.. So the only course of action remaining is to recommend surgery.

Where are you currently in this cycle?

Get to the root of your pain

It’s time to get a more comprehensive understanding of what’s really going on with your body. Symptoms of an issue that can’t simply be resolved with lots of medications and expensive surgeries. Learn about the proven recommendations provided tens of thousands of patients for over 20 years in Dr. Butler’s latest book, The Essential Guide to: Back Pain. You’ll find yourself asking, “why didn’t anybody ever tell me this before?” He’ll answer that as well.

Take control of your health

With the insights provided in The Blueprint for Back Pain Relief: The Essential Guide to Non-Surgical Solutions, take back your health with the information needed to help you solve pain you are experiencing; as a result, feel the healthiest, most alive you have in years.

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About Dr. Butler

Dr. Bradford Butler, DC, owner and Clinic Director of Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy, graduated cum laude, receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in 1995. He was named “One of America’s Top Chiropractors, by Consumer Research Council of America, was awarded “NJ Top Doctor” six years in a row by, and is a noted contributor to two New York Times bestselling books. He is a sought-after speaker inside and outside of the chiropractic profession, at Fortune 500 companies and international corporations, as well as local area schools and universities. He has participated in numerous community service projects including establishing a “Follow Your Dreams” scholarship at Indian Hills High School in Oakland, NJ.

He is post-graduate proficiency rated in Newborn/Pregnancy Care by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association; Activator Methods Proficiency Rated and Chiropractic Sports Injuries Proficiency Rated by the NYCC. He continues his personal research of the science, art and philosophy relevant to chiropractic and health care via seminars, subscriptions, and multimedia.

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